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About Us

Your gun and pawn shop in Springfield, Mo

At Armed Sources Gun & Pawn, we do everything in our power to bring our clients a large selection of firearms designed to fit different needs, preferences, budgets and demands.  Whether you are looking for one of the best firearms for home defense or self-defense, a rifle that could accompany you during your hunting expeditions or a sleek vintage revolver from a classic western, we have just what you are looking for.

We work with a large network of distributors to stock new inventory at the best prices regularly. Our passion, skills, know-how and years of experience set us apart from other gun and pawn shops in Springfield MO.

What Makes Us Stand Out?

The team at Armed Sources Gun & Pawn understand and share your passion for high quality firearms. Whether you wish to turn your firearm into cash, get a personal loan quickly and hassle-free or buy your ideal firearm, we have the most convenient solution for you.

Fast and Discreet Loans.

As a top-rated specialized gun and pawn shop in the Springfield MO, we offer pawn and loan terms sure to meet your needs. We guarantee complete discretion and safely secure your valuables. Our loan process is quick and easy with the intent to get you the money you need fast and we always pay/loan more and sell for less, allowing you to make the most of a profitable transaction.

Personal Service

Locally owned and operated, Armed Sources Gun & Pawn is your friendly neighborhood gun and pawn shop when it comes to selling, buying or pawning a firearm in a family friendly environment. All our customers receive quick and courteous service. We know everything about the best and latest firearms available on the market and are eager to share our expertise with you.

Great Inventory

In our pawn shop, we stock an extremely diverse selection of premium merchandise.  Here you can find just about anything from tools, top-of-the-line gadgets, clothing apparel and more. This means we have something for everyone and an ever-changing inventory.  Each day brings something new and exciting to our shelves.

The Highest Level of Security and Confidentiality

We give you the opportunity to get discrete, personal and convenient loans. All the information that you share with us remains confidential. In addition, we go the extra mile to ensure the highest level of protection for the items that you wish to pawn in our store. You can trust us when we say your goods and reputation are safe and secure when doing business with us.

Special Ordering Ability

We are so much more than a traditional gun shop. At Armed Sources Gun & Pawn, we understand the desire for a specific firearm model. Because we want to guarantee your satisfaction, we can help you find the right gun for you. We can special order nearly any gun and we provide free FFL transfers.

Come meet our staff and see why Armed Sources Gun & Pawn is your premier gun and pawn shop in Springfield MO.

Armed Sources Gun & Pawn
1777 South Grant Ave Springfield, MO 65807
Phone: (417) 720-1520